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New Lane Sundries is the creation of Linda Lee Alley, a life-long native of Martha’s Vineyard. She started in 1987 making preserves for the West Tisbury Farmers Market.  One Saturday morning, she happened upon the West Tisbury Farmer’s Market and came upon an idea. That idea then branched into 5 varieties of jams and a table at the market the very next Saturday.
The rest is delicious history!

Linda is making 25 – sometimes more – varieties every week in the summer continuing with the Farmer’s Market tradition. Each season on the Vineyard brings with it an assortment of native fruits and berries. Where you’ll find the berries, you’ll find Linda – clippers in hand - out collecting for her jams. These specialties include: Rosa Rugosa petals for her Exquisite Rose Petal Jelly, wild Choke Cherries, elusive Elder Berries, Vineyard wild Grapes, Autumn Olives, and of course the ever popular Beach Plums.  Although she would love to offer these special items to you via the web, you’ll simply have to visit Martha’s Vineyard in the summer and go to the West Tisbury Farmers Market.


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